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As lawyers, our calling is to do justice. We give voice to the rights and the perspective of our clients to help the court achieve a just result. This system works well when the people on both sides of the dispute can pay for quality representation. If one multinational corporation steps on the toes of another, both will be well represented and will have ample opportunity to assert their interests.

But justice too often remains elusive for the members of our community who do not have the advantage of privilege or power - those who are invisible, marginalized and dehumanized. The least powerful and most vulnerable among us are the countless whose life outcomes are jeopardized by the effects of persistent, concentrated corporate power. They are doubly jeopardized - confronting the most powerful in society, yet they have the fewest resources. That is where we come in. We have the resources and strength to go toe-to-toe with corporate America. We have done so in the past and repeatedly won. Read More...

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The New Mexico Court of Appeals has affirmed in total a judgment totaling $1,673,308.80 for a Furth Law Firm client in a New Mexico Whistleblower Protection Act case.  The Furth Law Firm (along with co-counsel Dixon Scholl Carrillo), obtained a verdict and judgment after a seven day jury trial.  Defendant Human Services Department appealed the judgment.  The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment in total. 

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